Essential Oils App

The Essential Oils app is an educational tool and reference guide designed by an essential oils user for essential oils enthusiasts to be able to easily access information regarding oil properties, suggested uses, custom recipes and personal inventory and get the most benefit and use from their investment in essential oils.

Frustrated by the inconvenience of using books and the internet to look up oil info, we came up with an idea for a tool that would meet oil users needs. Of course the list grew as we developed it, but we had to stop somewhere! To be useful it had to:

• List oils we use with description, product number and price
• Ability to include personal notes on each oil and to search those notes
• List of each oils properties and suggested uses
• Ability to keep track of oils in personal inventory
• Ability to keep a wish list of oils and be able to email list to self for easier ordering
• Ability to store “recipes”
• A simple and clean tool – don’t need a bunch of pictures to take up more space on phone

Bon Petite Apps’ hope is that this tool will help others to be able to more fully use essential oils in their everyday lives. It’s so handy – I always have my iPhone in my pocket and can offer suggestions to friends. Now I can suggest they get this app and start living the aromatic lifestyle themselves!

The essential oils included in this app are the catalog of Ancient Legacy oils. The creators of this app use and highly recommend the Ancient Legacy line of essential oils from Youngevity due to the highest of standards (EOBBD certification), sourcing, and quality control. However, the oils, properties and suggested uses included in this app are universal and not specific to Ancient Legacy’s oils. Of the over 70 oils and oil blends included in the app, 49 of them are single oils and easily available. Not all oils are created equal so be sure you know the quality and pureness of the oils you invest in.

The Ancient Legacy™ brand is the property of Youngevity. No endorsement of this app or it’s contents is expressed or implied.

Additional Stillroom recipe collections are available for download via In-App purchase.

Now available for both Apple and Android – download today!

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