Thrive It App

ThriveItApp was designed and developed by Thrive Life food users who needed a way to track and manage their inventory. Additionally, we wanted to be able to use more Thrive foods for everyday use rather than just preparedness food storage. Thereby rotating stock and saving money on our food budget.

Before the app, we had a shipment coming every month from our Thrive Q. The box would arrive and we’d take the cans out and find a spot on the shelf or in the rack. We opened a few cans and snacked on them, but never really did much else with the food.

Then we were invited us to an event where Thrive Life’s full time on-staff chef, Chef Todd, would be demonstrating how to cook with the Thrive food.  We went and were surprised by how easy and delicious it was.  Our perception of Thrive food changed that day from having food stocked away that we’d only eat if we had to during an emergency, to food that we could use daily – saving us time and money.

After that, we tried to incorporate our Thrive foods in to our daily meals. Things like using the onions or mushrooms instead of buying fresh at the store. However, we found it inconvenient to have to dig through the racks to see what we had or what was open and should be used. Additonally, using the great chef-tested and approved recipes that Chef Todd provides on the website were not so easy to make when we had to go look in our two storage areas to see if we had the ingredients.

We realized that we needed an app to help us:

  • Keep track of our inventory
  • Keep track of our cost
  • Keep track of where our inventory was located
  • Keep track of what was open and how much was left
  • Keep track of how long cans had been open
  • Know when open items need to be used
  • Add products to our Q wish list
  • See recipes based on what ingredients we had on hand
  • Mark favorite recipes so we didn’t have to try to find them again

Since we designed and developed the app, we have been using Thrive foods quite a bit more – pretty much daily. We know what’s open, how much is left in the can and where it is. We are able to quickly substitute Thrive ingredients in our cooking and even make entire dishes using only Thrive. We also know that no matter how low the price of Vanilla Yogurt goes, we do not need any more (not for a while)! And, that while it seems I have too many Mushrooms in my inventory, I actually used them quickly and should maintain a higher quantity in inventory.

We may be biased, but we think this app is the greatest thing since… well, freeze dried foods!

Check out the FAQs for more info.